Sport activities

Anina surroundings are of an extraordinary beauty. Although it isn't yet a very well touristically exploited area, around Anina you can find mountainous landscapes that take you to think of countries like Switzerland or Austria, and where you can practice a number of sports activities that increase your adrenaline.

Off Road

off road
Off road Anina Mountains

Everything related to off road in Anina and Banat Mountains a tremendous potential with a very favorable relief for this sport. The area also provide an infrastructure that has been preserved in the last 100 years from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, who created and developed a very high forests roads sistem which are in good conditions, what makes of this area the paradise of the off road sports. In the area, this sport has a to little exploited potential, however it includes all tipes of activities that can deploy in off road mode. These are: 4X4, enduro, buggy's, ATV, enduro motorcycle. The routes are for both categories: professionals and beginners. In the area there are operators that can provide vehicles off road, even with driver for the beginners. The rental price of a vehicle off road varies between 80 and 120 euros per day. Routes are departing from Anina's area and can last from several hours to several days.


Anothe extreme sport that can be practice in freedom because of the mountains , hills and valleys from the area is the paragliding. If you are a beginner and you are not fitted with equipment, in the area there are specialized people who can train you. To practice these extreme sport you need at least a week of trainig to be able to practice it safely.

Paragliding on Anina Mountains

Pendulum jump

At 2 km from Anina is a spectacular viaduct, Schlucht viaduct, is one of the viaducts where you can practice an extreme and very rare sport in Romania called pendulum jump. The bridge is 35 meter high, that allows the practice of this sport in maximum freedom. It's originally from the United States, and for those who have the courage to practice it, the satisfaction is fantastic. Another spectacular viaduct where you can practice this sport lies between Lisava and Garliste and is called Jitin viaduct.

pendulum jump
Pendulum jump on Jitin viaduct